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What to do when my Commercial Roof Is Leaking

Perhaps you’re going around the workplace grabbing a cup of coffee one day when something suddenly falls on your shoulder. It poured this morning but has since ceased. This is the point at which you notice the ceiling is leaking.

You may be wondering, “What do I do if my business roof is leaking?” but you need not be concerned. While leaks may rapidly become major issues if left unchecked, you can take action right away. This may help to reduce damage and save costly repairs.

Simple Steps to Take Against Leaks

When you notice a leak, you should act quickly to mitigate the harm to your surroundings. Get a pail to protect your carpets and critical papers from additional harm. This is also true for electronics, especially computers and printers.

Cover big items with plastic sheets or bags if they are too large to transport. Prevent water from falling on them or the floor. If you are successful in collecting the falling droplets in a bucket, you may begin wiping or mopping the puddles on the floor.

Following that, you should attempt to locate the source of the leak as soon as possible. This is necessary to assist contractors and insurance agents in locating the leak as evidence. If this is not done, finding the leak after it has dried up will be more difficult.

Leaks may stain the ceiling with brown dirt carried by the water, making it possible to detect a leak even when it is dry. However, it is usually preferable to do so while the leak is still there.

Remember that just because you discover one source does not imply it is the only one. You should check the whole building to ensure there are no more. If you discover more, you should either mark it or photograph it if it is too high up.

If there is a leak even when it hasn’t rained, it’s likely that there is a problem with the plumbing or A/C. You should also mark the location down and try to minimize the damage.

What Leaks Can Do to Your Building

If left unchecked, leaks may be very hazardous. They not only harm expensive things, but they may also cause problems with your electrical wiring. Because commercial buildings pose a greater danger, we suggest that leaks be repaired as soon as possible.

Water seeping in from leaks has the potential to harm electronics and wooden objects. These may be expensive to replace and slow down the office’s operation. While wooden goods aren’t usually seen in workplaces, furniture warehouses may possibly lose a lot of money if broken furniture isn’t replaced.

If a structure is constructed of wood, water leaks may cause it to decay. This may jeopardize structural stability, and replacing the wooden components will be costly. Commercial structures, on the other hand, would not experience this issue as often.

When your business roof begins to leak, the electrical wiring itself, in addition to printers and fax machines, is at danger. There is always the possibility that the wires’ coating may wear out or be damaged. This implies there’s a possibility they’ll short out.

When this occurs often enough, the contact may generate sparks, and if there are enough airborne particles to ignite, it can start a fire. If the problem is not discovered in time, you risk losing the whole structure and everything in it. This will cost you tens of thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands.

The Dangers of Unwanted Moisture

Moss may develop as a result of a leak in your roof. Moss is extremely difficult to deal with, and if it falls out, it may stain your ceiling and walls. If left ignored, it may spread throughout the structure and discolor everything.

Moisture promotes mold and mildew development, which may be hazardous to one’s health. Mold allergies may be very deadly if they are provoked. If your customers and workers find out, they will have to leave your firm until the problem is resolved, which will cost you money.

Water may be dangerous, particularly when it creates puddles. People may slip and fall and hurt themselves, which can result in a lawsuit.

What Should I Do If My Commercial Roof Is Leaking?

Aside from the methods outlined above, you may contact a professional roofing firm. They can seal the leaks and even check for further damage. If they discover any more issues, they will charge you a price to fix them.

Check your warranty to see whether it covers leaks. If it occurs, you may take a breather and let the professionals repair the leaks. If not, you may get estimates from other local contractors.

Unfortunately, if the leak is severe enough, you may need to replace your roof. This only occurs if the roof has not been maintained on a regular basis. It is uncommon to notice this needed if you continuously inspect the roof.

If you want to temporarily stop a leak, you may use roofing cement, but it won’t work on all business roofs. It is also a transient remedy that does not endure long.

Finally, it is best to get expert assistance and determine if your building’s insurance policy covers leaks. When professionals inspect your roof, they are trained to repair leaks and may even identify other issues right away. Because of their years of expertise sealing leaks, they will know just what to do.

Cooperate with the contractors and your insurance agent as much as possible, and give them with all of the information they need to perform repairs and calculate expenses. This speeds up the process and allows you to get back to work sooner.

Is Your Roof Leaking?

Now that we’ve discussed what to do when your business roof leaks, you should think about obtaining a maintenance contract with a reputable roofing company. We can assist you in dealing with leaks, which will save you money in the long run. As a bonus, you’ll know who to ask if you have any questions!

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