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Tectum Salinas Roofing has installed siding for homeowners in Northern California since 1981. We are the most trusted vinyl siding installation company in California, with the most satisfied customers. You can trust Tectum Salinas Roofing with your vinyl siding installation needs. We specialize in adhering to all guidelines set forth by the Vinyl Siding Manufacturers Association (VSMA), where we are a certified installer. We will provide clear and concise pricing upfront for your vinyl siding installation needs, with no hidden fees or "extras". Please contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

#1 Trusted Vinyl Siding Installation Service Near Me

Trust the Experts for all your roofing needs as we service the Salinas Community and other neighboring towns and cities.

Vinyl siding is designed to appear like wood and other natural components, allowing homeowners in Salinas CA to get the desired aesthetic without the expense and effort associated with these natural materials. It also provides an outstanding performance and premium appeal while needing little maintenance and upkeep.

Your only significant outlay will be for installation, after which you can begin enjoying the advantages of vinyl siding for the house. Your house’s curb appeal will improve, as will the value of your property!

All of these advantages are available to you with local siding assistance from Tectum Salinas Roofing 

Definitely the best siding installation service in the Salinas CA area!

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Vinyl Siding For Your Home in Salinas

When it comes to exterior house siding alternatives, more and more homeowners are selecting vinyl siding. This choice stands out among the others because of the great value it provides.

The vinyl material is ideal because it repels water rather than absorbing it, which means it lasts longer, does not mold, resists mildew and moss development, does not warp easily, and has a long life expectancy.

Call Tectum Salinas Roofing for assistance in selecting the appropriate vinyl siding for the house in Salinas you are constructing or renovating, and let our team of professionals provide you with excellent local siding service!

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In order to stop water from seeping through your home, we offer siding installation. This is a great way to extend the life of your home and its structure by creating a barrier that will repel rainwater and other substances. Siding installation is a process that adds more value to the home and also, helps prevent siding from rotting away.
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Call us or contact us online to get started and get a free quote for your siding- it will be simple to understand why homeowners in Salinas are turning to vinyl siding for the house. Made mainly of PVC-it has been available since the 1950s but gained popularity in the 1970s.

Vinyl siding requires virtually no care, is simple to install, lasts a long time, and is available in any color or design.

To mimic a more natural siding alternative, high-end siding may be constructed with wood or stone grain patterns.

Because PVC expands and contracts with temperature variations, an unique ‘floating’ installation method is needed.

Colors endure for decades with high-quality vinyl siding for the house, and it’s simple to get local siding assistance here at Tectum Salinas Roofing.

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