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Tectum Salinas Roofing is the trusted number one roof cleaning and roof maintenance company in Salinas. We don’t just clean roofs, we also offer a variety of other services like gutters, gutter protection, and more. Our professional roof cleaners are licensed, insured and highly trained with expertise in all types of roofing material including metal, wood shake/shingles, tile/clay & stone.

As the Original Make Your Roof Last Contractor, Tectum Salinas Roofing extends the life of your roof with regular cleaning and maintenance.

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Trust the Experts for all your roofing needs as we service the Salinas Community and other neighboring towns and cities.

We are committed to providing you with personalized service that exceeds your expectations by offering quality products at competitive prices with excellent customer service.

To operate well, all things require cleaning and upkeep and your roof is no different. Although often ignored, your roof is the first protection against the elements of your house and typically gets the most severe pounding. Here in Salinas CA with changing temperatures, along with thick tree cover and more precipitation, imply that your roof will collapse earlier if not properly maintained.

Similar materials such as asphalt shingles, wood shakes or concrete tiles all experience common problem locations such as skylights, shocks and chimneys. These problem areas may often be attributable to broken flashing and water-proofing sealants. Normal weathering, moose, and tree leaves may harm the blinking and shingles itself over time. Cracks may break down and enable water to flow through the underlying roof layers and ultimately leak into the house or business.

To protect the investment of the householder or the business owner, the National Association of roofing contractors recommends that AT LEAST be thoroughly inspected once a year, as long as the regular inspection and maintenance program is conducted correctly it will not only add years to the roof life, but will also detect minor problems before the damage is widespread and costly.

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Is it a good idea to have your roof cleaned?

Yes! Just like cleaning your home, roof cleaning removes dirt, debris and leaves from your roof’s surface which decreases the risk of damage to the shingles. Roofs can get dirty very quickly due to rain, fallen leaves, tree/debris and more. The benefits of regular roof cleaning include:

  • Removing moss/algae growth
  • Removing dirt & debris from your roof’s surface
  • Reducing leaks & water damage from buildup of dirt/leaves on roofs’ surface


Dirt, leaves, moss and other organic materials build on the surface of your roof and block 10-20% of the heat from escaping during the summer months when you need it the most. Over time you’ll notice that your attic may also start to accumulate water during a heavy rainstorm as well as carrying over to plants, gardens or even your home’s walls!

When should you have your roof cleaned?

The ideal time for us to clean your roof and add our own sealer is when we do our first inspection. Our inspection will help us determine exactly what type of treatment we will need to apply to your roof.

How often should you have your roof cleaned?

There are no set guidelines. Every type of roofing material has different service needs. For example, we suggest you have your roof cleaned every 5 years for ceramic tile, and every 4 years for wood shake siding.

The type of treatment you choose is really up to you! We offer a variety of organic treatments that will allow you to maintain your investment and extend its life while also maintaining the appearance of the material.

Roof Repair Team - Tectum Salinas Roofing
Tectum Salinas Roofing is the best in the business when it comes to roof repair. Our number one goal is to ensure your roof stays in tip-top shape for many years after we fix it so that you don't have any issues. We also offer free estimates on all of our work, and you won't run into any hidden fees or expenses. We can handle a number of specific roof repair services including flashing installation, flat roofing installation and more. We do both residential and commercial work for all of our clients in the Salinas area when we're not working with clients from other parts of California.
Roof Repair | Tectum Salinas Roofing

What does roof cleaning involve?

Roof cleaning is a process that involves the use of organic and/or non-organic cleaners to clean your roof’s surface. The first thing we look at when we reach your rooftop is the condition of your roof. We look for any issues or damage and will note it on an inspection sheet.

We then begin our cleaning process by removing any debris from the surface such as leaves, dirt, moss & algae growth. We will work our way from the top of your roof down, using pressure washers to remove anything blocking or sticking to your shingle’s surface. We then use a soft brush to remove any dirt that may remain on the surface of your shingles. We will also use a scrub brush to clean the areas that are difficult to reach.

Once your roof has been thoroughly cleaned we’ll evaluate it for any missing or damaged shingles. If needed, we apply a thick coating of the sealer and you are ready for winter. For added protection during the winter months you can also add additional protection with our wood shake siding products such as our wood shake siding, roof tar coat, roof rubberized coating, or metal roof armor.

We’ll be able to help you find the right product that is compatible with your specific installation type.

What is the best way to clean roof?

Roof cleaning can be done using pressure and/or vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners are more eco-friendly and use less water, but we prefer pressure cleaners because they have great results with less effort! We believe it is important to have a good surface in order to maintain the roof’s life. In addition, a good cleaning helps remove or prevent leaks from happening in the near future.

How do you determine whether my roof needs to be cleaned?

When it comes to cleaning roof, we take into account several factors such as age of your roof material, amount of water damage and more. The most important factor is the moss growth on roofs’ surface. The moss growth on roofs’ surface can be the result of excessive rain or heavy snowfall and it is usually due to a wrong maintenance.

We will do an inspection on your roof and we will tell you if you need to have your roof cleaned. We will even present you with an estimate so that you can decide if it is worth it for you. It doesn’t have to be a large investment, we offer affordable rates!

The surfaces of any roof need to be kept clean, especially the shingles, gutters and chimneys because they are the most exposed. These areas are most prone to water damage and they are hard to clean.

Best Chemicals to clean roof

  • Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF)
  • Pressure washers
  • Fertilizer cleaner
  • Snow Melting products
  • Sprinklers
  • Plow Chisel
  • Roofing tar

Is it safe to Pressure Washing Roof Tiles?

A pressure washer with a high-pressure control nozzle is actually not a very good choice for cleaning roof tiles. The high-pressure nozzle of a pressure washer can cause tiles to crack, and they may even break. The reason for this is because in order for a tile to be cleaned properly, it needs to have a smooth surface and if there are any cracks on the surface, then the cleaning will be incomplete. If you were to use a pressure washer to clean your tiles, the result would be that you would be coming home with broken tiles.

Unfortunately, all of these problems are common with many different types of spray cleaners or cleaners that you use on your roof as well such as fertilizer cleaners.

The Pressure Washer however is best when used on metal shingles. This is because metal roof shingles have a high resistance to pressure and therefore they can withstand the pressure of a pressure washer. If you were to use the pressure washer on tile roof shingles, or any other type of shingle style, then it would simply damage the tiles and cause them to break.

Using a Pressure Washer on your tiles can cause tile cracking and breakage. The best way to clean your tiles without causing them damage is with a soft bristle brush, this smoothes over any imperfections that are on the surface of the tile so that they are easier to clean. A Pressure Washer should only be used for metal roofs and even then it does not always give good results.

How much does Roof Cleaning Cost in Salinas?

The cost of the roof cleaning process depends on the type and size of your roof. The average cost in Salinas CA is between $300 and $600.

If you need to have your roof cleaned for the first time, it is best to contact us and we can help you with the inspection. We will come over and inspect your roof, walk through the entire process, and provide you with an estimate.

Once we inspect your roof, we will then be able to provide you with a price quote of what it will cost. This way, when we are finished cleaning your roof, you will know what to expect as far as cost goes so there are no surprises.

When did you give your roof a tune last time?

How Do You Tell if Your Roof Needs Maintenance in Salinas?

You need a trustworthy and reliable roof repair service in Salinas CA when your building is ready for a new roof, repairs or upkeep. You rely on your roofing contractor to protect and dry your house. Tectum Salinas Roofing is dedicated to provide high-quality service, professionalism and manufacturing in your home in Salinas.

Yearly inspection and maintenance is recommended by the NRCA. This may be applicable to your roof or not. Some criteria to assess whether your roof in Salinas requires inspection are as follows:

  • Evergreen or Leaves Needles accumulate on your roof and canopy (Leaves, pine nets, branches and silt build-ups will pick water and lead to capillaries if the water gets below the tiles or roofs and into the house.)
  • Obstructed Gutters (Gutters clogged with debris will slow drainage or cause water to backup giving it time to seep through and cause leaks.)
  • Growing Moss and Algae on your roof.
  • You reside in a windy high region.
  • Your house builds up snow and ice every year.
  • Your roof is 5 years old and older.
  • You have a more than 10 years old brick or stone chimney.
  • You’ve got skylights over 10 years old.

The more these variables apply to your roof, the more care is required for your roof. Even if you don’t have any of these problems, you want your roof to be checked at every 5 years.

Roof Maintenance Checklist

Tectum Salinas is a trusted roof maintenance company in Salinas that has been providing top quality service for over 30+ years. We offer an array of services that will keep your roofs working properly and looking good year-round.


Is Roof Maintenance Expensive in Salinas?

Not while using the roofing maintenance program of Tectum Salinas. We really conduct our first FREE assessment!

Our expert inspects your roof and its components carefully. You will check your results with you. If work is suggested, they will explain the alternatives for you. The service quantity generally depends on the aforementioned variables, plus the regularity of prior maintenance and the size of the roof.

Roof Repair and Maintenance Image - Tectum Salinas Roofing

What is general roof maintenance?

It’s essential that you have a well-maintained roof to protect you, your family and your home from water and fire damage. Having a clean roof prevents leaks as well as traps heat in your home saving you money on utility bills. The best part about having a clean roof is not having to worry about the damage caused by mold or mildew.

How often should a roof be maintained?

There is no set standard for how often roofs need to be inspected, however, most experts will recommend an inspection every 2-3 years for asphalt shingles and 3-4 years for clay tiles. The frequency of maintenance will depend on your location, climate, and the type of roofing material you have.

What does roof maintenance include?

Regular maintenance and upkeep is very important for a homeowners roof. Your roof should be thoroughly inspected at least once a season to check its condition and durability. This may include:

  • Cleaning, inspecting, and checking the flashing around your chimneys, skylights, vents, fans, and so on
  • Checking for signs of damage and wear to the roof’s surface (broken tiles or shingles)
  • Loosening or tightening broken or damaged shingles (if only a few are loose)
  • Repairing nail pops or cracks in asphalt shingles (chips in stucco siding must also be repaired)

Some repair jobs will also require you to remove loose tiles before installing new ones.

Now if you notice that there are a lot of loose and old shingles, you may want to consider getting a roof replacement.

Conducting regular maintenance on your home is important to saving money and keeping your family safe from potential accidents that may occur due to an improperly maintained home.

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What Does Tectum Salinas Roofing Service Do?

Our business uses highly qualified experts that work fully to repair, clean and maintain the roofing. All Roof Systems and Roof Related Components we specialized in Salinas:

  • Asphalt Composite
  • Wood Shake and Shingle
  • Concrete Tile
  • Flat and Low Sloped Roofs
  • PVC/TPO Roofing
  • Metal
  • Walking Decks
  • Brick and Block Chimneys
  • Skylights

Tectum Salinas Roofing advises that at least once a year your roof be examined. This may extend the life of your roof and provide you with calmness and avoid damage to your house by investing in a regular maintenance program.

Roof Maintenance and Repair Image - Tectum Salinas Roofing

How do you maintain a roof?

Cleaning your roof will start off with a good pressure wash. If there are any standing water or spots on the roof, you’ll want to get rid of them first before doing any other work.

To check for shingles, you can inspect them visually – although we recommend having a pro, professional roofing contractor inspect your home’s roof as well. You’ll want to look for loose nails or any damage to its surface. It’s also a good idea to look around your gutters and check for any clogs forming.

If you think that the roof requires a repair, clear out all debris from the air vents on the ridge of your roof. This will prevent pests from entering your home.

If you notice broken tiles or shingles, loosen/tighten them. If only a few are loose, then you can remove them and replace them with new ones. If there is a lot of damage to your roof, however, consider getting it repaired or replaced altogether.

Repairing nail pops or cracks in asphalt shingles (chips in stucco siding must also be repaired).

If you notice any discoloration or damage to the chimney or your skylights, have a pro remove the damaged portions.

If you notice any clogs in your gutters or downspouts (which tends to happen often when it rains), you’ll want to remove whatever obstruction is forming the clog. If possible, use your shovel to make a hole for drainage. If a hole is not possible then you’ll want to call Tectum Salinas for help removing the blockage from your downspout.

Regular maintenance of gutters and downspouts will help prevent water damage along with keeping water from leaking into your home.

Checking vents, chimneys, and soffits is important for your home’s safety as well as your energy bill. You’ll want to make sure that any vent covers are free from debris or dirt – you don’t want them to be clogged or else you’ll have problems with rain entering your home.

Check the pipes leading from your roof downspouts to make sure they are not leaking – if they are, then this problem will need to be repaired immediately.

Our Roof Repair Services

Roof Inspection Salinas

While having a newly installed roof is a great feeling, it’s not long before we have to think about roof inspection by Tectum Salinas Roofing. After all, the strongest roofs wear out over time, even during the best of care.


We provide customers with peace of mind knowing that their roofs are sound, even if they need some minor repairs along the way!

24/7 Emergency Roof Repair in Salinas CA

The Emergency Roof Repair by Tectum Salinas Roofing page offers useful information about roof repairs. It includes how to avoid preventing a potential problem like leaks occurring in the first place.  Leak Repair, Roof Replacement Cost, Instant Quotes, and more.

We also offer a 24/7 Hotline for your Roof Repair needs, so be sure to check us out!

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