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We can help you with all of your roofing needs in Salinas CA. It’s no secret that green roofs are more eco-friendly than other types of roofs. Green roofs provide insulation from the sun’s heat, reduce rainwater runoff by up to 50%, and can even produce oxygen!


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Green roofs are the latest craze in roofing design. The trend is primarily attributed to the environmental benefits and reduced maintenance costs that come with a green roof over traditional roofs. 

A green roof also absorbs rainwater, filtering pollutants out of the air before it falls on buildings below. This helps reduce stormwater runoff and erosion, while providing insulation against heatwaves, cold snaps and other extreme weather patterns. A green roof on your home is the perfect addition for Salinas CA.

Tectum Salinas Roofing is dedicated to providing our clients with the best green roof installation service in Salinas CA. We offer everything needed for a successful green roof including enough soil materials, drainage, membrane, premium quality shingles and more.

After over 30 years of experience working with premium quality materials our team is ready to listen to your budget and provide you with an excellent value product along with great customer service. We are completely available for all of your roofing needs.

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What Is Green Roofing?

A green roof system is a flora-growing addition to an existing building’s roof. Depending on the kind of green roof you construct, the plants may be modular or have drainage layers. However, all green roofs contain a few critical characteristics, like as waterproofing and root repellant, to maintain the structure safe and undamaged.

Different Types Of Green Roofing

Green roofing is classified into two types: intense and extensive. The quantity of greenery used distinguishes them. Extensive green roofs can store up to 25 pounds of plants per square foot, whereas intense green roofs may contain up to 150 pounds per square foot.

Another aspect that distinguishes these styles is the amount of effort needed to keep them up. Intensive green roofs, as the name implies, need a lot more effort to maintain since they require keeping different kinds of plants separate and maintaining a real garden. Extensive green roofs, on the other hand, are allowed to develop organically and uninhibitedly, taking care of themselves as they would in the wild and therefore needing only annual weeding and fertilizer.

For private homes, the intense format enables you to choose which flowers you want represented, allowing you to create the look you want. Extensive green roofs are only intended to be accessed for annual maintenance, thus they naturally overgrow more than their intense counterpart. This makes large green roofs more difficult to traverse, which means people can’t stroll around the area to appreciate the flora.

Both green roofs use a layering method, which creates a foundation for the planters by using different soils, matting, and other materials to retain nutrients while pushing out any waste by-products. A soil profile is replicated via these layers, resulting in a drainage mechanism that enables fluids to be filtered safely while simultaneously feeding the plants.

Recent research and technological advances have resulted in a new kind of green roofing called as complete roofing. This style is designed to sustain a broad range of plants, as is typical in intense roofing, while also allowing for a larger quantity of vegetation to be supported, as is frequent in extended roofing.

Benefits Of Green Roofing

There are many reasons why a person might want to seek green roofing, both for the sake of the community and the house.

 Benefits Include:

The construction of a green roof lowers the need to handle any accumulated rainwater, as well as the strain placed on local sewage systems.

  • Green roofs decrease the total heat transmitted by buildings in urban environments by covering many of the surfaces that produce the greatest heat.
  • The plants reduce the spread of pollution and dust while also capturing many of the toxins present in the air.
  • Green roofs may be public places, such as gardens or recreational areas, for the community to enjoy.

Because of the time and money that goes into creating and installing green roofs, its usage in a community may result in an increase in employment and income for local companies. 

Benefits As A Home Owner

  • Green roofs may decrease the amount of noise that enters your house by acting as a natural barrier.
  • Because your roof is covered by plants, the quantity of it that is exposed to the elements is restricted, allowing the roof membrane to survive considerably longer than it would if it were not protected.
  • Green roofs decrease the amount of energy used for heating your home, saving you money.
  • Green roofs offer fire retardancy, which helps to safeguard your house.
  • Green roofs decrease the amount of trash produced by your home since they utilise waste materials that would otherwise wind up in landfills, as well as prolonging the lifetime of other household goods like an HVAC system.
  • By adding a green roof to your home, you will improve the value of your property since your appliances will be more efficient and your home will be more visually appealing.


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Roofs are one of the most important factors in your house's structural integrity. Additionally, they're a huge part of the aesthetics and livability of a home. If you have any questions about your roof or want to research more options, we have a full overview of different types of roofs from Tectum Salinas Roofing! Tectum Salinas Roofing is proud to offer roofing services that are eco-friendly and energy-efficient for residential and commercial buildings alike. We aim to ensure their customers feel confident in their decisions, partly by educating them on what the different styles mean for them.
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The Cost Of Green Roofs in Salinas CA

A green roof costs in Salinas CA is between $15 and $25 per square foot for intense roofs and $10 to $20 for large rooftops. The soil and growth concentrates, as well as the plants, account for a large portion of the expense. This cost rises depending on whether you want your plants individually planted or pre-grown through a vegetation mat, and it may also impact your ability and convenience in obtaining the necessary supplies. While none of these components are especially difficult to come by, delivering them to your location may be costly.

This is in striking contrast to the current cost of a green roof in Germany, which ranges between $8 and $15 per square foot. This is owing to the industry’s and technology’s newness in the United States, as well as a rise in bespoke projects connected with the market here.

When creating a budget for a project like this, keep in mind the long-term upkeep required. While this may be infrequent if a large green roof is installed, it is still a costly procedure depending on the size. Some businesses provide this as a complimentary perk with their services, but in general, it is between $0.75 and $1.50 per square foot.

Design Standards for Green Roofs in Salinas California

When installing your green roof, three important things should be carefully addressed to guarantee that your product lasts for many years without issues or significant maintenance expenses.

The first of them is wind uplift, which may severely harm both the green roof and the structure of your home. When the wind blows above, if there is too much air pressure trapped under the green roof, it may create a pressure change, causing the vegetation to fall off the roof. To prevent this, the RP14 Wind Design Standard for Vegetable Roofing Systems was developed to advise and safeguard customers.

Second, although green roofs protect your structure from fire, there is still a danger of the vegetation catching fire owing to natural occurrences in your region. This potential catastrophe may be mitigated by using the VF-1 Fire Design Standard for Vegetative Roofs, a guideline created to guide each unit’s “prudent design and required maintenance routine.”

Finally, one of the most serious problems that green roof owners confront is the damage caused by plant roots digging into the roof of the home, ripping up the material and jeopardizing the entire structure. The VR-1 Procedure for Investigating Resistance to Root Prevention provides instructions for properly testing the effectiveness of barriers safeguarding your property and repairing or improving them. This is especially true for short-term impacts and should not be used for researching the long-term effects of substances or obstacles.

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Green Roof Installation Process

Even with the assistance of experienced experts, the construction of a green roof is a time-consuming operation. While your contractor will handle most of the labor, such as the construction of the different modular containers, there are certain chores that you may perform yourself if you are comfortable and physically competent.

Are green roofs easy to install?

Yes! We have a highly skilled team that can install any type of roofing system, from clay tiles to concrete shingles, and all of the labor is always done onsite by our professionals.

Please keep in mind that if you choose to perform any of the work yourself, you do it at your own risk, possibly causing damage to your roof or yourself. Before performing any of these procedures, be certain that you can do it securely and properly.

When determining if green roofing is appropriate for you, you should examine whether your roof will be flat or sloped. When tilted (also known as “pitched”), the design lowers the danger of future water damage, necessitating fewer protective layers.

The first of these procedures is to hire a structural engineer to determine if your house or structure can withstand the weight of the green roof you want to install. A single modular container, for example, may weigh up to 40 pounds, which might cause irreparable damage if your roof isn’t structurally strong enough to hold all of that weight. It’s also worth asking whomever you hire what modifications you can make to enable your roof to carry that weight more simply and safely.

Once you’ve received the required data and permission to proceed with the job, you’ll need to put down a coating of pitch (a resin typically used for planting). This will direct any surplus rain to drainage systems, avoiding negative moisture buildup that might otherwise harm your goods. Each of these levels of pitch should be “at least 14 inch every foot of run.”

The plant trays will be added next. Each of them must be cultivated for at least four months prior to installation in order to be properly cultured for the green roof. If you buy them from a contractor (which is advised), they will be delivered to you, wrapped in plastic soil elevators to protect them from the heat as they travel.

The trays may be placed once protective edgings have been erected along the roof. Trays are arranged in rows beginning at the lowest point of the roof. Contractors will work their way up an incline if they are working on a sloping roof. Otherwise, they will choose an edge depending on how you want the flora to develop visually, and they will build in the same systematic manner. Following that, the trays may be partly covered by the edging.

Once you’ve started arranging the plants, you may join them together by using the plastic lips on the trays’ edges. This will keep your green roof safe and intact while allowing you to relocate each of the pots as you see appropriate. These trays also include feet to keep the plants raised off the roof and not directly on top of your home.

Depending on how well the planters fit, you may need to trim out portions of the last tray in each row to enable the flora to rest snugly and firmly over your roof. Traditionally, after measuring out the space, a wax pencil is used to indicate the sections that need to be cut, and then the area is trimmed through using a concrete saw. The saw you choose is critical since the planters are packed with thick aggregate, which means that a less powerful instrument will be destroyed if used for the same job.

The soil elevators should be removed at this stage. These are used to regulate the height to which the plants develop prior to installation, as well as to enable water, nutrients, and other beneficial organisms to flow from planter to planter. If you perform this step yourself, keep in mind that you must draw the soil elevator out at an angle to prevent harming the plants.

After all of the trays have been placed, the edging should be fastened to the roof and the plants watered. While you won’t usually need to water these plants, it will help them adjust to their new surroundings.

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With more than 30 years’ expertise, we have all kinds of roofing material, including asphalt and asphalt-glass fibers, composite, metal or rubber roofing, and all kinds of pitch roofing and flat roofs. Making the correct decision amongst roofing firms is as important as ensuring that excellent materials are utilized for your roofing services in your home in Salinas.

Asphalt Shingle Salinas CA

Asphalt roofing is a type of roofing material made with layers of asphalt, tar, and fiberglass mat. It is the most common type of commercial roofing in North America and has a long lifespan when installed properly.

Developers, as well as homeowners, can choose to have asphalt roofs installed on their buildings with our Roof Insallation Service

Energy Efficient Shingles Salinas CA

Before you go searching for the best roofing contractor  you need to know one thing: if it’s longevity and low maintenance.

Tectum Salinas Roofing is not only trustworthy and environmentally responsible with their shingle installation services are also some of the most energy efficient on the market. with the help of EnergyStar.

HDZ Shingles Salinas CA

For those interested in installing Shingles by HDZ, Tectum is a Hub City Roofing Contractor which has the expertise and understanding to provide quality roof installation and repairs.

At Tectum Salinas, our team of certified professionals are ready to provide expert installation services for any building or home. We also offer insurance coverage, depending on your needs

Cedar Shake Roofing Salinas CA

Roofs that are made of cedar shakes can be designed and constructed to last up to 50 years or more without any need for modifications, repairs, or replacement.

Made from red cedar shingles, this type of roofing is both sturdy and attractive  and is a perfect choice for homeowners who want a loving roof for their home.

Fascias and Soffits Salinas CA

The fascias and soffits are the visible features of a roof that can be seen from outside. They span the length of the building with an interruption at each end. It is important to properly install these panels as they provide ventilation and protection from falling objects. By using proper installation methods, most people will see increased durability in their homes or business sites.

Flat Roofing In
Salinas CA

If you’re looking for a roofing company that offers flat roof installation, look no further than Tectum Salinas Roofing. With over 30 years of experience, we specialize in both new construction and re-roofing jobs.

We have installed flat roofs on residential and commercial buildings in the Salinas City Area for decades and are known for our Flat Roof Service installation as well. 

Fiberglass GRP Roofing Salinas CA

A fiberglass roof can weigh 30-50% less than a conventional slate or clay tile roof, depending on the size of the installation area. 

This is important for commercial and domestic installations alike, especially in areas where the quality of available materials might not be great. You can rely on Tecum Salinas Roofing to handle Fiberglass GRP Roofs!

Rubber Roofing Salinas CA

Have you been researching rubber roofing and wondering what the benefits are? What are the differences between rubber and other types of roofing materials? If so, then we can help. 

A rubber roof is watertight by nature. It’s completely unaffected by moisture and allows water to just slide off its surface without penetrating it.

Green Roof In Salinas CA

Tectum Salinas Roofing is your green roof installation and design specialist. We offer green roofs in all shapes and sizes. Our certified designers use the latest CAD tools to ingrain cost-effective, 100% recycled structural materials into your building for a green solution that will improve your indoor air quality as well as increase the interior space of your home or business.

Concrete Roof Tiles in Salinas CA

Tectum Salinas Roofing has been transforming roofs all over the Salinas area since 2005. We’re proud of our outstanding reviews and A+ rating with the BBB. 

Our roofing services include concrete roof tiles for low slope roofs, rubber roofing for flat roofs, asphalt shingle replacement, metal roof installation, and more!

Torch Down Roofing In Salinas CA

Tectum Salinas Roofing #1 Trusted Torch Down Roofing Installation in Salinas CA. If you are looking for professional roofers with years of experience, look no further.

Our goal is to make sure that our customers receive an experience that exceeds their expectations every time they hire us; and that is by giving the best torch down roofing service ever.

TPO Roofing Installation Salinas CA

A roof is what protects your home from hail, rain, wind, and snow. A tectum salinas roof installation protects your home’s integrity. With TPO Roofing Installation in Salians CA, our Tectum Salinas Roofing company is ready to be the best of the best. We have been in business for a long time and have experience with different materials and methods of protection.

Who To Talk To About Green Roofs

If you want to construct a green roof, there are a few people you should contact to guarantee the safest and most cost-effective installation.

To begin, hire a structural engineer to not only verify that your roof can withstand the weight of such a project, but also to better understand what you can do to further safeguard your house. If the weight of your green roof moves or changes, you may need to restabilize parts of it by shifting plants around for greater support and safety. Restabilizing sections of your roof may make a big impact in safeguarding yourself and your assets.

Second, contact a reputable contractor to discover whether they do green roof work and to get an estimate. Even if you plan to perform the job yourself, it’s a good idea to gather information on all of your choices before settling on one.

Third, you should contact a company that produces plants especially for green roofs. Whether or whether you hire a contractor, the cost of these supplies will be an essential factor to consider. This will also give you an indication of how much transportation costs on average, depending on how far the group resides from where you are. You may also use this opportunity to ask questions regarding the intense or extensive formats, which will help you decide which kind you will be working with in the future.

Finally, after you’ve gathered all of the necessary information and have a clear concept of the direction you want to take the project, you should consult with people who reside in your building, as well as family and friends if you plan to undertake it yourself. If this is the case, you will most likely be able to utilize the help of people around you to make the process go more smoothly, whether it be physical labor on the day of installation, any equipment you may need to gather for the procedure, or future maintenance of the green roof.

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